Birth and Postpartum Planning Sessions $150

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of decisions you have to make. With our planning sessions, we help ease your mind by guiding you through completing your very own birth and postpartum plan. By identifying your wants and needs, benefits and risks of certain labor procedures, and roles and responsibilities once the baby has arrived- you can walk into your labor feeling confident and prepared for the newest chapter of your life.

Planning sessions are a one time only, 2 hour session that will help you envision the birth you desire while also providing you with key tips, advice and resources to prepare for birth and postpartum.

benefits of birth planning

  • Determine benefits and risks of labor procedures
  • Identify comfort measures you prefer during labor
  • Determine your partner’s role during labor
  • Can be completed whether you are having a vaginal or cesarean birth
  • Helps you and your partner make informed decisions during labor
  • Makes you more confident and prepared for labor

benefits of postpartum planning

  • Helps plan for a smooth transition into your new family dynamics
  • Creates a Breastfeeding/Formula feeding plan
    • Who will feed the baby? Exclusive Pumping or Breastfeeding? etc.
  • Discuss Sleeping arrangements for you and partner
  • Establishes a Postpartum Self-Care routine for yourself
  • Structure who will help care for baby and when

At the end of the session, you will receive a detailed plan that can be shared with your support team and health care providers that will leave your feeling prepared and confident for birth and postpartum!

Email hello@eternalsunshinedoulaservices with the subject ‘PLANNING SESSION’ to book your session!