Anjail Mohammed, Founder of Eternal Sunshine Doula Services was born and raised In Detroit, MI. A product of Detroit Public Schools, Anjail graduated from Cass Technical High School in 2010 to pursue a degree in Business Management & Marketing At Western Michigan University. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelors Of Business Administration.
Two years later, Anjail welcomed the birth of her son. Immediately after his arrival, Anjail realized how uninformed and unprepared she was in transitioning into her new journey of motherhood. This cultivated her growing desire to become a source of support for women throughout pregnancy and postpartum while focusing on their mental, physical, and emotional health as well. After receiving professional training In both Birth And Postpartum Doula support at Lifespan Doulas In Ann Arbor, Michigan – Eternal Sunshine Doula Services (ESDS) was born. 
Eternal Sunshine Doula Services stands firmly on the core values of Trust, Empowerment, Advocacy, And Mindfulness. Anjail wants every birthing person to walk into their home, hospital, or birth center feeling comfortable, confident and knowledgeable in their body and their ability to make informed decisions during labor and birth.