Welcome to Eternal Sunshine Doula Services

A wellness space committed to nurturing the emotional, mental, and physical alignment of women and mothers from pregnancy to postpartum.

About Us

Founded by Detroit native and mother of one- Anjail Mohammed created Eternal Sunshine Doula Services to provide guidance and hands on support on topics surrounding mental health, self-care, advocacy & planning during pregnancy and postpartum.
It is our mission to lower maternal mortality rates within the black community  by educating women on their birth rights and how to make informed decisions during labor. By building relationships of trust, mindfulness and advocacy with our client’s– we want all women to arrive at their hospital or birth center feeling prepared, knowledgeable and confident in their body and it’s innate ability to create and give birth.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services and products to help families navigate through pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Birth Doula Support
  • Birth Plan Drafting
  • Postpartum Doula Support
  • Postpartum Plan Drafting
  • Virtual Doula Support
  • Pregnancy Care Packages
  • Postpartum Care Packages

Our Community

“At a time so critical I knew I was going to need all the support I could get. I was unfamiliar with what a doula was and what they did. I began to do research and realized that I wanted a doula. I knew that Anjail had begun her journey to being a doula and was in hopes she’d be mine. After speaking with Anjail I knew that her calm spirit and zen like personality was what I needed for labor and delivery. Anjail was thorough with going over what the process would be like and helping me with shaping my expectations. As a mother herself she was able to provide another level of support and encouragement as well. I am so glad that I chose Anjail (Eternal Sunshine Doula Services) to work with throughout my pregnancy, labor, and delivery.”

Rai Williams-Fox

Let us guide and support you through your new journey of motherhood!